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Our Favorite Twin Cities Date Night Spots

One of the best perks of being a childless couple is date nights are all the time! Ryan and I love going out: out to dinner, concerts, sporting events, festivals, bars – we’re always checking out new things around the Twin Cities. I keep a pulse on the food scene and always like trying out new restaurants each weekend. I’ve rounded up five of our favorite spots to go out for dinner. These restaurants would also be great for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or special occasions.

Acqua, White Bear Lake What can I say about this location? Ryan and I have been here a handful of times over the last few years and we keep coming back. It’s all about the VIEW! This beautiful restaurant sits right on White Bear Lake with a perfect view of the harbor. The food is also wonderful, especially for the seafood lover. The cocktail menu is also great with tons of options. I will note that I have never been here in the winter, so this would obviously change the ambiance of sitting next to the lake while dining.

Bar La Grassa, Minneapolis Admittedly, this place is no secret if you live in the Twin Cities. This place is constantly in the top 5 best restaurants in the Twin Cities and has been raved about again and again. Ryan and I finally checked it out in 2021 and – wow – we were really missing out. We both loved the vibe in here with the warehouse atheistic and two (!) bars. The food was INCREDIBLE and there were so many options we wanted to try that we will absolutely be back. While it was super packed and busy, it felt like the perfect romantic spot to get away, just the two of us. BONUS: After you’re done with dinner, Tattersall Distilling is a short 10 minute drive away.

Ryan & I at Tattersall Distilling

6Smith, Wayzata Funny story about the first time we went to this restaurant. I had planned WAY ahead of time to go here for our eight-year dating anniversary. I had made reservations, planning to dine out on their patio that overlooks beautiful Lake Minnetonka. Then of course the night of July 6 we show up and it’s raining buckets with thunder and lightning. So, big plans fell through, but we had an incredible indoor date night. We had been to 6Smith’s sister restaurant Baldamar several times and this did not disappoint. While many items on the menu are a carry over, there were news things at 6Smith that we couldn’t get at Baldamar, which made it fun to try a few new things with the same cheeky vibe that Baldamar has.

WA Frost, St. Paul Much of what I can say about this spot can be wrapped up in one word: PATIO. Being on their patio is like you’ve stepped into some fantasy secret garden with delicious food and cocktails. If you can’t sit outside, the inside is equally as beautiful in this 1800s building in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood in St. Paul. The first time Ryan and I went here was Valentine’s Day a few years back and I swear, I had the best roast duck that I’ve ever tasted in my life. We’ve gone back several times since for birthdays and special occasions. The food is absolute perfection and if you can manage to grab a spot on the patio, even better.

112 Eatery, Minneapolis Full disclosure: At the time of writing this post, Ryan still hasn’t been here! I’ve only been here on girlfriend date nights, which all of these restaurants would serve well for. I just liked the quaint, cozy vibes this restaurant had. Besides the food and cocktails being phenomenal (get the fried gnocchi!) the ambiance was out of this world. I cannot wait to bring Ryan here some night to experience it himself.

What are some of your favorite Twin Cities date spots?

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