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I wanted to share my top five current favorite beauty products. I’m *obsessed* with buying skincare, beauty and hair products and always try to improve my current regimen. I keep an active list of favorites on my Amazon Storefront but occasionally I’ll gather a list of my current favorites depending on seasons, sales, etc. What I’m currently loving….

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask My lips get SO chapped in the Minnesota winters. I struggle finding something that not only soothes the dry skin but also repairs and heals it. I’ve tried countless brands of chapstick until I finally found this lip sleep mask! It’s a thicker, balm texture but absorbs quickly. It comes with an application stick (so you don’t have to put your finger in the pot) and it goes on smoothly. By the morning, my lips are feeling so much better!

Bali Body Face Tan Water After I came back from our destination wedding in Key West, my tan was on point and I was ready for summer. Unfortunately, this Minnesota spring didn’t agree, and it will be a while before we get temps high enough to lay in the sun. That’s where Bali Body came to the rescue. I love this face tan water! I add a couple of drops to my night moisturizer and wake up with the perfect glow. The consistency is like water and absorbs super quickly which makes it perfect for bedtime. 

Lancome Cils Booster XL Mascara Enhancing Base I will fully admit that I am one of the weirdos out there right now not wearing fake lashes. Between basically not going anywhere for the last year and just not wanting to shell out the cash, I rock my real lashes 24/7. However, that doesn’t mean on the rare night I do hit the town I don’t want to have those Vegas-like lashes. This product is a game changer! I apply a thick layer of the enhancer, wait a few seconds for it to dry and apply my regular mascara on top. You’ve got fabulous lashes without the price!

Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Last summer when COVID-19 was hitting us hard and spas and salons were shut down, I really missed my usual facial. I went out and bought a face steamer and – WOW – I am so happy I did. Once a week I use the steamer for 10-15 minutes while I watch reruns of The O.C. and it is so relaxing. I follow it up with 5 minutes of the blackhead removing vacuum and in the morning my skin is glowing and renewed.

Surface Violet Shampoo I’ve been rocking various shades of blonde on and off since college. I like to keep my blonde extra-cool in the summer and the only way to combat brassiness is with violet shampoo. I use Surface products for all of my hair care needs, but the violet shampoo is EXTRA important if your blonde tends to get a bit brassy. I use it once per week and it helps keep my blonde cool in between seeing my stylist.

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