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Teele’s Top 5 – Travel Edition

As most of you know by now, Ryan and I travel a lot. We love to explore new cities, try new foods and find new adventures. Because we’ve traveled together for nearly ten years, I have a few travel must-haves that I always bring with me when we’re on the go. These work for flights or road trips, so I could see them in use no matter how you prefer to travel.

Compression Packing Cubes Typically, if Ryan and I are going on a trip together we share one large suitcase instead of two small suitcases. A lot of the budget airlines are charging more for carry-on or overhead baggage, so we save a few bucks by opting for one checked bag. Because we share, these packing cubes are a life saver with space. I have bought a few renditions of this product over the years, but this is the latest one I purchased for our recent trip to the Florida Keys and I really like it. They come in several colors, and I like the variety of sizes. I use packing cubes whenever we fly to save space.

Hanging Hook Scale Somewhat related to the first item, because Ryan and I oftentimes share a bag, making sure it’s under the weight limit is imperative. We got this super affordable home scale to weight our bag and this has been such a game changer for us. I have vivid memories of showing up at the airport and having to remove items and stuff them into my carry-on because I’m over the weight limit. This is a super affordable way to save yourself some money in the long run.

Travel Jewelry Box This was a new item for me in the last few months! I usually never traveled with much jewelry or would opt to just wear a couple pieces I wanted to take with me. I found this tiny travel jewelry box and it is perfect for bringing along as many pieces as I want. It’s got a ton of space for such a small item and takes up very little room in your suitcase. The best part is when I open it back up after arrival none of my jewelry is tangled up.

Travel Makeup Bags It took me a while to find a makeup bag for travel that I like. My issue is typically if I’m flying somewhere I don’t want to take my entire stash of makeup. My home makeup is in a GIANT makeup bag, and I don’t want to drag that around with me. However, I usually like taking a few staple pieces with me and this 6-piece makeup bag makes that possible. If I want to just bring one or two bags, this allows me to do that. I don’t have to haul my entire 10-pound makeup bag everywhere I go.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow Admittedly, this is an item I don’t bring on every single trip I go on, but certainly very long trips or even early morning ones. I typically don’t have trouble falling asleep on planes or in cars but having this neck pillow is such a game changer. I’ve used different types over the years, but the memory foam ones seem to work best for me. BONUS: This is a bundle pack, so it comes with an eye mask and ear plugs.

What are your go-to travel items when you’re traveling? What should I add to my list?

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