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Our Weekend in Phoenix, Arizona

It’s been nearly two years since we went out to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my sister. She’s lived there for a few years now and the last time we flew out to see her it was in the height of the pandemic and our options for fun were limited. This time around we saw all the sites, ate all of the food and had all of the fun we weren’t able to have in 2020. My sister did an awesome job of planning a few activities for us to do and if you’re interested in seeing the video recap, I’ve got it saved in my highlights on Instagram.


Our first night in Phoenix, my sister took us to a place within walking distance from her house: Belly Kitchen & Bar because my only request was to sit on a patio. It’s such a cute place, serving up Thai and Japanese food. The cocktail list was fabulous, and the terrace is great. On Friday, Ryan and I lounged by the pool while eating bagels from Stoop Kid. Ryan and I love New York-style bagels and this place delivered. For dinner that night, we went to a place where we could have ALL the options called The Churchill. It’s a cool, open-air space with several different restaurants and bars. We had the best Mexican food at Provecho, getting their chicken quesadilla, shrimp tacos and ceviche. I could not recommend The Churchill more, especially if you have a group with lots of different tastes in food.

The Churchill

On Saturday, we were super busy with plans, but we did have a great dinner at Social Tap Eatery. It’s a sports bar with a giant patio and their shrimp tacos and burgers were great. On Sunday, we wanted to start the day with a relaxing brunch, so we headed to Postino WineCafe and had some great food and wine cocktails. The patio was great, and I could not recommend this place more. Sunday night we had the most amazing dinner at a place called Pemberton. It’s an outdoor space consisting of tons of food trucks, cocktail trucks and shopping. We had the best. pasta. ever. at Saint Pasta. If you’re in the mood for Italian when you’re in Phoenix, hit up this food truck at Pemberton.


We wanted to get in as much party time as possible when we were in Phoenix and we weren’t disappointed. On Friday night we went to a cocktail experience at Century Grand called UnderTow. There are few words I can use to describe UnderTow, but I told a friend it felt like you were drinking on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World. Century Grand consists of a few themed cocktail bars and we were treated to an old-world ship style of bar serving tiki drinks. I could not recommend UnderTow more if you’re interested in an immersive cocktail experience. They have two other options if a ship theme isn’t your style.

Our drinks at UnderTow

The other fun thing we did was a pedal pub. And if you aren’t familiar with this concept, you drive around town on a bar on wheels and bar hop. We booked Arizona Party Bike and they did a fabulous job taking us around Scottsdale to some really fun spots. If you have a big group, I’d highly recommend this for an afternoon.

Other random spots we really enjoyed were Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co, Pedal Haus Brewery, Wren House Brewing (pet the cat, Gravy), From the Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Sip Coffee & Beer and Cham Pang Lanes.

Cham Pang Lanes

Have you been to Phoenix on vacation? Where was your favorite spot?

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