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Memorial Day Weekend in Hayward, Wisconsin

We spent a great Memorial Day weekend at our cabin on Teal Lake (no, I am not kidding) outside of Hayward, Wisconsin. This is our second Memorial Day weekend in a row we’ve gone to the cabin and we’ve had so much fun each time. We try to get up to the cabin several times per summer but going Memorial Day weekend is always a great way to get summer kicked off. If you’re thinking of vacationing in the Hayward area, we have so many recommendations of fun things we enjoy doing.


We really enjoy golfing at Spider Lake Golf Resort. It’s a 9-hole course and very family friendly. If you’re new to golf or just not great (like me) this is the perfect course for you. It was my first time out this year and this is a great course to get back into the swing of things (ha ha). There are several other golfing options around Hayward if you’re looking for a more challenging course.

Golfing at Spider Lake Golf Resort


Ryan and I have been enjoying hitting up Wisconsin supper clubs lately. If you aren’t from Wisconsin, or the Midwest in general, you’re probably thinking, “what the heck is a supper club?”

A supper club is a traditional dining establishment that also functions as a social club. The term may describe different establishments depending on the region, but in general, supper clubs tend to present themselves as having a high-class image, even if the price is affordable to all. – Wikipedia

They’re a bit of a dying breed, but they are so fun to check out and the food and ambiance is almost always wonderful. We’ve made it a regular summer occurrence of visiting Tally Ho Supper Club outside of Hayward. They have wonderful old fashioneds and you always feel like family when you visit. There are several great supper club options around Hayward and we’re going to try to hit up a few more this summer.

Old Fashioneds at Tally Ho

We also have a new favorite pizza spot in Hayward: Frankie’s Pizza (EDIT: Frankie’s closed in 2023). We tried this place for the first time last summer during the pandemic and took it to-go. This time, we were able to eat inside. The pizza is homemade and they offer a generous supply of toppings. If you’re looking for a great pizza option in the Hayward area, this is a must.


We had beautiful weather over the weekend and wanted to do something outside. That’s when I stumbled upon a new(ish) winery in the Hayward area, Tamarack Farms. What a beautiful spot! They make their own fruited wines but also serve seltzers, beer and wines from all over the United States if fruited wines aren’t your thing. There’s tons of outdoor space, so kids can play or you can bring a blanket and just lay around and drink wine. They also serve delicious woodfired pizza and barbecue. They also had delicious wine slushies! This is definitely going to be a spot we keep coming back to.

Ryan & I at Tamarack Farms


Something we normally enjoy doing but didn’t get to over the long weekend is hiking at Copper Falls State Park. It’s an easy hike perfect for families or the novice hiker. The views include several waterfalls so bring your camera! You do need a state park sticker, but you can purchase one upon your arrival at the park. This is also a place you can camp and there’s also a small lake where you can swim and fish. This is a must-see spot for us yearly.

Honorable Mention

We were able to get out fishing one evening this Memorial Day weekend. We caught about 15 fish that included rock bass, walleye and crappies. It’s early enough in the summer that the bugs weren’t too bad, which is a plus. We also had a fish fry on Sunday of all of the fish we caught at the Wisconsin fishing opener! We had one day of crummy weather so we went into Hayward to bum around. We posted up at a bar in downtown Hayward, had a few beers and watched the Brewers game. There are lots of little shops, bars and restaurants that are fun to check out in downtown Hayward if you have a day where the weather isn’t cooperating. The day we stopped at the winery we had great weather and also checked out a new-to-us spot Trails End Resort. If you’re looking for a fun bar atmosphere with a huge patio and located right on the lake, this place is for you. They had a ton of fun drinks (I got a mojito!) and you can’t beat the views and vibe.

Mojito views

What did you do over Memorial Day weekend? Was it relaxing or did you venture out? Regardless, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are refreshed for the week to come.

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