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Welcome to Atypical Teele

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Hey, guys! So, I decided to start a blog. And I’m sure you’re all saying, “yeah, yeah, so does every other influencer on Instagram.” But – wait! This is different! I swear!

Most of you know me as @theedmundfarmhouse. You know my small, 1917 house in St. Paul, Minnesota. You know that I live with my husband and adorable kitty, Yeti. But what else do you know? I tend to not share a ton about my personal life on Instagram, but I have a TON of interests outside of home décor. I’d love to chat with you guys about not only home décor & DIY, but also travel! Ryan and I love to travel (when things are a bit more normal) and I’d love to share our vacations with you. Other interests include clothes & fashion, sports & fitness, food & recipes (including restaurants we love in the Twin Cities!), and beauty & skincare. I’d also like to share my perspective as being a married and childless family. We aren’t planning to have children and can share an interesting perspective from our point of view. 

So why Atypical Teele?

I’ve found over the years, I’m not your typical Teele. For those who don’t know, my name is Teele (pronounced teal) and that’s my middle name. First name is Nora, always have gone by Teele. I was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and attended UW-Whitewater for college and graduate school. I moved to Minnesota in 2013. I met Ryan (on Twitter!) in 2013. I currently work in marketing, he works in public relations and we have an adorable Turkish Angora named Yeti. We live in St. Paul and got married in Key West, Florida on March 19, 2021! I’ll dig into most of these topics later in the blog, but I’m excited to get this kicked off and share my world with you all.

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